DFW Tower.com was created by aviation enthusiast Greg Gayden in late 2007 and went live on January 1, 2008. The site was designed to be a one-stop shop for all things related to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and commercial aviation in general. Noticing that other large airports and their spotter communities had well established web sites and/or groups, Gayden set out to start one for DFW. Since its inception, DFW Tower.com has strived to be the leading aviation site for DFW and all of North Texas.

With the latest news, flight information, weather, photos, and abundant content, DFW Tower.com hosts thousand of different visitors each month and has been mentioned and linked to regularly in both the Dallas Morning News and Fort Worth Star-Telegram. The site also appeared on Fox 4 DFW's morning news program in 2014.

For those spotters/photographers who like to upload their photos but are tired of having their photos rejected at some of the more common aviation photography sites, all registered users on DFW Tower.com can upload their own photos with no restrictions. Gayden himself shares photos of over 3,200 different aircraft he has taken at DFW and around the world in the Airplane Photo Library. On a related note, Gayden holds a world record for the largest airplane tail spotting collection, at over 76,000 sightings.

Additionally, Gayden has authored Commercial Aviation 101 , a complete book that is an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the commercial aviation industry as it stands today. Featuring a detailed explanation of the various security programs that are in place today, Commercial Aviation 101 will help the reader understand the policies and procedures that have been established to keep the skies of our nation safe. For those who are also interested in learning some of the basics of the commercial aviation industry, Commercial Aviation 101 also features detailed descriptions of common terms and practices used by commercial airlines and airports today. Among other things, readers will learn how airports make money, how to identify different commercial aircraft as well as dozens of various terms in the Encyclopedia.

Where do we obtain our information? Weather information is provided by the National Weather Service; Live Air Traffic Control Feeds are provided by LiveATC.net; Airport Arrival/Departure Info courtesy of Flight Stats; Flight Delay Information provided by the Federal Aviation Administration; stock quotes provided by Yahoo Finance; Foreign Exchange rates provided by the European Central Bank.

Nuts & Bolts: DFW Tower.com is created by and maintained with Apple equipment. The site logo and title bar links use a font named Langdon. All graphics, images, and overall design of the site have been created by Greg Gayden. Finally, we will never place pop-up ads to the site.

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