About Us
Brief background and information about DFW Tower.com.

Airline Tails
Large collection of airline tails from around the world, in gif, jpg, and png format.

Airplane Art
A collection of illustrated airplane profile art.

DFW Airport Vehicles & Airfield Equipment
A collection of photos of DFW Airport Vehicles & Airfield Equipment.

Airport Gun Tracker Find out how many guns TSA has found this year in
carry-on bags at each airport in the U.S. Updated as soon as TSA posts the
latest information online; this is the only airport by airport gun tracker on
the Internet.

DFW Scanner & Radio Frequencies
Scanner and radio frequencies for DFW International Airport.

Live Flight Radar
Live radar of DFW Airport provided by FlightRadar24.com.

DFW Airport Food Inspection Resulsts
Check out the latest results for every restaurant, eatery, snack shop at DFW
from the Tarrant County Health Inspector.


Commercial Aviation 101
Commercial Aviation 101 is an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the commercial aviation industry as it stands today. Featuring a detailed explanation of the various security programs that are in place today, Commercial Aviation 101 will help the reader understand the policies and procedures that have been established to keep the skies of our nation safe. For those who are also interested in learning some of the basics of the commercial aviation industry, Commercial Aviation 101 also features detailed descriptions of common terms and practices used by commercial airlines and airports today. Among other things, readers will learn how airports make money, how to identify different commercial aircraft as well as dozens of various terms in the Encyclopedia.

In Focus: Boeing 737
An in depth photographic look at the Boeing 737 series of aircraft, featuring several dozen high quality photographs of 737s from operators around the world. Exclusively on iTunes for iPad and Mac. $1.99.


Daily Aircraft Filings
This site posts daily (M-F) updates of civil aviation regulatory filings in the U.S.

Boeing Test Flights
Information about Boeing test and delivery flights.

Airbus Test Flights
Information about Airbus test and delivery flights.

Airline Route
Daily updates featuring new routes & schedule changes for airlines around the world.

FAA Service Difficulty Reports
FAA Service Difficulty Reports, showing malfunction/defect reports and other items. Good to see cycles/hours on a frame.

British Civil Aviation Authority G-INFO page, similar to FAA N-Number, lets you look up British registered civil aircraft data.

Canadian Civil Aircraft Register
And here you can look up Canadian registered civil aircraft data.

Civil Aircraft Registers of the World Blog
Providing links to civil aircraft registers from around the world. Very handy.

Great Circle Mapper
Wonderful tool to plot out any route in the world, with mileage, map and more.

FAA Airline Designator Codes
This site shows the Four Letter Designator codes that both the FAA and TSA use to annotate commercial carriers.

Paine Field
The latest tidbits, news and photos from around Paine Field, home to the Boeing Factory.

Skyliner Aviation
Well-known German aviation site featuring news, registration info and more.

American Airlines Fleet Website
Updates and information about the American Airlines fleet.

United Airlines Fleet Website
Updates and information about the United Airlines fleet.

Regularly updated aircraft delivery information; site also has a large airline fleet directory.

Swiss aviation site with daily news updates.

Aviation Glossary
Site provides definitions of common and uncommon aviation terms.

Plane Logger
Online spotters log book, with one of the largest aircraft registration databases online.

Airport Codes of the World
A list of hundreds upon hundreds of three-letter codes for airports
around the world. Maintained by the Dept. of Transportation.