Chinese airline sues passenger who threw coins in engine

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Chinese airline sues passenger who threw coins in engine

Postby Greg on Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:40 pm

A man is being sued by a Chinese airline after throwing coins into the engine for “good luck”.

The perpetrator, named only as Lu, admitted to tossing the coins when Lucky Air staff quizzed passengers after finding two one yuan coins on the ground near the left engine.

The domestic flight, from the cities of Anqing to Kunming in China, was grounded due to safety concerns. The 162 passengers were flown the next day following a full engine check.

The budget carrier claims the flight cancellation cost in the region of 140,000 yuan (£16,000), and announced legal action would be taken against the passenger.

Lu, 28, said he’d thrown the coins while boarding as he thought it would bring good luck.

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