United increases DAL to Houston IAH to 12x daily

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United increases DAL to Houston IAH to 12x daily

Postby Greg on Sun Oct 12, 2014 8:32 pm

United Express will increase service on Dallas Love Field to Houston Intercontinental from 7x daily to 12x daily on January 6.


UA6048 IAH0636 – 0745DAL ERJ x6
UA6059 IAH0800 – 0909DAL ERJ D
UA6081 IAH0905 – 1014DAL ERJ D
UA6090 IAH1040 – 1143DAL ERJ x236
UA6107 IAH1140 – 1243DAL ERJ x23
UA6112 IAH1315 – 1420DAL ERJ D
UA6128 IAH1415 – 1520DAL ERJ D
UA6141 IAH1545 – 1650DAL ERJ D
UA6160 IAH1645 – 1750DAL ERJ x6
UA5786 IAH1815 – 1920DAL ERJ D
UA5792 IAH1915 – 2020DAL ERJ x6
UA5795 IAH2105 – 2208DAL ERJ x6

UA4273 DAL0645 – 0751IAH ERJ x7
UA4423 DAL0810 – 0918IAH ERJ x23
UA4480 DAL0915 – 1023IAH ERJ x236
UA4519 DAL1040 – 1148IAH ERJ D
UA4673 DAL1145 – 1250IAH ERJ D
UA4680 DAL1315 – 1420IAH ERJ x6
UA4702 DAL1415 – 1522IAH ERJ D
UA4705 DAL1550 – 1657IAH ERJ D
UA4720 DAL1650 – 1758IAH ERJ D
UA4733 DAL1820 – 1928IAH ERJ D
UA5949 DAL1920 – 2028IAH ERJ x6
UA6032 DAL2050 – 2158IAH ERJ x6

Source - Airline Route.net
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