Air France DFW 2019 Total Load Factors

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Air France DFW 2019 Total Load Factors

Postby Greg on Thu Dec 12, 2019 9:09 pm


Let's take a look at our overall estimated load factors for Air France for their first season of summer service at DFW. To recap, Air France flew 3-4x weekly on the 4,948 mile route from Paris DeGaulle (CDG) to DFW from March 31 through October 25. Flights were Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; Mondays were added about halfway through the season. Almost all flights were on 224-seat Airbus A330-200s.

We can estimate an overall season wide load factor of 79 percent - not bad at all for their first year in service, perhaps even more so when we remember that Air France is a Sky Team alliance carrier. What does that mean? Well, a Sky Team carrier flying into DFW, which is American's fortress hub (with American in the one world alliance), won't have nearly as many opportunities for feed, connections, etc as there would be for British Airways or Qantas (both one world members).

Every month this season Air France hit 73-80 percent overall loads. July was their best month for arrivals, with nearly 92 percent of all seats full. Conversely, May was the high water mark for departures at over 90 percent. July, right in the middle of summer, which is the high season, was the best month with 86 percent of all seats filled both ways.

I have no idea how much, if any, cargo was shipped on these flights as well. Some accounts that I've seen show over 23 tons available.

As always, the load factors don't necessarily show a route's profitability, and only Air France knows how much they made in fares, the total costs of each flight, and so on. Either way, Air France was obviously pleased with the DFW route, as they have announced they will return to DFW in 2020 as well. Flights will run on the same schedule from March 29-October 23, 2020.


Here is a breakdown of each individual aircraft that AF flew to DFW in 2019.
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