DFW runway use

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DFW runway use

Postby longhorn on Tue Feb 25, 2014 9:19 am

Why doesn't DFW shorten 18L/17R inner runways length to between taxiways Y & A and use them for landing aircraft. There would be no crossing of the an active runways for landing aircraft and shorter taxi times to the gates.

18R/17C could stay the same length as they are now and used for take offs (they would need to widen from 150 ft to 200). There would be sufficient height clearance of traffic landing on the inner runways while using the outer runways for takeoffs. No need for expensive and time consuming wrap around taxiways like ES on the SE side.

This would work for both north and south flows and there would be a continuous movement of aircraft with only aircraft from 13R on the west side and 35R/31R on the east side crossing an active runway.
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