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New Site Features

Postby Greg on Sat May 03, 2008 10:40 am

I would like to take this time to announce some new features on DFW Of course, by visiting, you have probably already noticed them!

The most obvious changes are the cosmetic changes that had been planned. The site before was somewhat rough and unfinished looking. A change in the background color, borders around the main boxes and proper alignment of the blocks gives the site a more finished, and proper look. At least, I think so!

I've also added two new boxes that I think are kind of interesting. One shows the current U.S. foreign exchange rate, and the other shows a list of airline stocks. I know I am always looking at the exchange rates, and sometimes at the stock prices, so I thought this would be a neat block to add. The feeds are provided by Yahoo, so the info will always be up to date. (If you are wondering, for whatever reason, the Northwest stock quote had some sort of error that I couldn't fix.)

So, those are the main new items for now, just some tidying up that was needed. I am always open for suggestions for future additions and changes, I want to make this site as good as possible for everyone! Thanks,

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