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Site Information and Update

Postby Greg on Sun Mar 02, 2008 11:45 pm

I am glad to see we are starting to get some people signing up. Let me first of all say welcome to everyone. As you can no doubt see, the site is still a little 'raw' at this point, and I am working on some kinks and stuff. My goal is to have it pretty much looking finalized within a week or two.

On the left sidebar, we will have current arrival and departure info, a link to the DFW ATC feed and current weather and METAR info. We should also have runway and local delay information as well. My thanks go out to [url][/url] which is helping on that end.

One thing I would like to look into in the future is adding a gallery, in case people want to post their DFW photos here, depending on the interest level. I welcome any comments or suggestions, and I hope to see the message boards thriving as we continue! I think a site like this for DFW has been long overdue!

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