Third Edition of Commercial Aviation 101 now available!

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Third Edition of Commercial Aviation 101 now available!

Postby Greg on Thu Sep 28, 2017 9:06 am

I am pleased to announce that the Third Edition of Commercial Aviation 101 is now available. For those who aren’t aware, this is a full-size book I’ve published that covers current Aviation Security measures as well as the Commercial Aviation industry in general. This latest edition adds 60 new pages of material, and brings the book to nearly 250 pages. So, what’s new?

New Sections:
Aircraft Painting
Airfield Rubber Removal
Biometric Travel Security Initiatives
Joint Ventures
The End of an Airplane's Life
TSA Prohibited Items List

Updates and Expansions:
Brief update on the FBI & the infamous D.B. Cooper case
Loose Change now has last three years amounts at hub airports

Expanded Sections:
Screener Training, including the LTSO, STSO, SM functions
SPOT (Behavior Detection)
TSA Canine program

Added a list of all commercial airports and their corresponding codes for U.S. and Canada.
Added the top 50 Mexican airports and their corresponding codes
Added top 50 world airports and their corresponding codes
Added 30 world airline tails
Additional Aircraft Abbreviations: 787, 737 Max, A350, CS-100, etc.
Dozens of new definitions in the Glossary
Improved aircraft depictions, images in Aircraft ID Section.
Several more Did You Knows?
Split Tip Winglets added to the Winglet section

Yes, the book is free of charge.

You can download the book in other formats from this link. The book is available in ePub and Kindle mobi formats, and you can also get the book on Apple iBooks and add to your iPad, iPhone, or Mac. I’m working on getting the book onto Amazon Kindle directly, but it is taking some time due to some restrictions in place. If you are interested in a paperback copy, please email as a batch is being printed shortly. Thank you!
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