February 3, 2018 Los Angeles LAX Spotting

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February 3, 2018 Los Angeles LAX Spotting

Postby Greg on Sat Feb 03, 2018 9:34 pm

I saw the following 189 aircraft at LAX on Saturday, February 3, 2018:

9V-SNA 777-312(ER) Singapore Airlines
A6-EOD A380-861 Emirates
A6-ETS 777-3FX(ER) Etihad Airways
A7-BBH 777-2DZ(LR) Qatar Airways
B-18006 777-309(ER) China Airlines
B-18721 747-409F China Airlines
B-2047 777-39L(ER) Air China
B-2071 777-F1B China Southern Airlines
B-2079 777-F6N China Cargo Airlines
B-5903 A330-243 China Eastern Airlines
B-6136 A380-841 China Southern Airlines
B-7881 777-300(ER) China Eastern Airlines
B-KQV 777-367(ER) Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LJA 747-867F Cathay Pacific Airways
C-FDRH A320-211 Air Canada
C-FGKN A321-211 Air Canada
C-FXCD A320-214 Air Canada
C-GHOZ 767-375(ER) Air Canada
C-GIUF A321-211 Air Canada
C-GRTB 737-800(WL) Westjet
CC-CXD 767-316(ER)(WL) LATAM Airlines Chile
D-AIHK A340-642 Lufthansa
D-AIMD A380-841 Lufthansa
DQ-FJW A330-343 Fiji Airways
ET-ARI 777-F60 Ethiopian Airlines
F-HPJD A380-861 Air France
F-OSEA A340-313 Air Tahiti Nui
G-BYGC 747-436 British Airways
G-CKMU 787-9 Dreamliner Norwegian Air UK
G-VYGC A330-243MRTT AirTanker
G-VZIG 787-9 Dreamliner Virgin Atlantic Airways
G-ZBKI 787-9 Dreamliner British Airways
HB-JNB 777-3DE(ER) Swiss
HL7611 A380-861 Korean Air Lines
HL7625 A380-841 Asiana Airlines
HP-1821CMP 737-8V3(WL) COPA Airlines
HP-1851CMP 737-8V3(WL) COPA Airlines
HZ-AK43 777-300(ER) Saudi Arabian Airlines
JA732A 777-381(ER) All Nippon Airways
JA732J 777-346(ER) Japan Airlines
JA831J 787-8 Dreamliner Japan Airlines
N107NN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N116AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N117SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) United Express
N118SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) United Express
N119NN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N121AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N123NN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N126AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N128AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N128SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) United Express
N129AA A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N133AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N14106 757-224(WL) United Airlines
N146AA A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N147AA A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N148AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N149SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) United Express
N159AN A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N172US A321-211 American Airlines
N174US A321-211 American Airlines
N176SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Alaska Airlines
N18112 757-224(WL) United Airlines
N18220 737-824(WL) United Airlines
N183SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Alaska Airlines
N192SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Alaska Airlines
N200NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N203NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N207AN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N208AN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N210NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N213SY ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) SkyWest Airlines
N214NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N216NN ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) American Eagle
N263AK 737-990(ER)(WL) Alaska Airlines
N26970 787-9 Dreamliner United Airlines
N284VA A320-214(WL) Alaska Airlines
N29961 787-9 Dreamliner United Airlines
N301PA 737-800(WL) American Airlines
N302NB A319-113 Delta Air Lines
N305NV A319-111 Allegiant Air
N305NX 737-800(WL) American Airlines
N317AS 737-990(WL) Alaska Airlines
N317PG 737-800(WL) American Airlines
N318NB A319-114 Delta Air Lines
N34131 757-224(WL) United Airlines
N358PW 737-800(WL) American Airlines
N370HA A330-243 Hawaiian Airlines
N3750D 737-832(W) Delta Air Lines
N3754A 737-832(WL) Delta Air Lines
N3771K 737-832(WL) Delta Air Lines
N38458 737-924(ER)(WL) United Airlines
N387DA 737-832(WL) Delta Air Lines
N38950 787-9 Dreamliner United Airlines
N391HA A330-243 Hawaiian Airlines
N402WN 737-7H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N403KZ 747-4KZF Kalitta Air
N439QX DHC-8-402Q Horizon Air
N440AS 737-990(ER)(WL) Alaska Airlines
N441QX DHC-8-402Q Horizon Air
N442AS 737-990(ER)(WL) Alaska Airlines
N463SW CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N469UA A320-232 United Airlines
N48127 757-224(WL) United Airlines
N491AS 737-990(ER)(WL) Alaska Airlines
N512NK A319-132 Spirit Airlines
N512UA 757-222(WL) United Airlines
N523NK A319-132 Spirit Airlines
N525AS 737-890(WL) Alaska Airlines
N525VA A319-112 Alaska Airlines
N530VL A320-271N(WL) Volaris
N536US 757-251(WL) Delta Air Lines
N584NW 757-351 Delta Air Lines
N588UA 757-222(WL) United Airlines
N596UA 757-222(WL) United Airlines
N602CZ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Delta Connection
N620NK A320-232(WL) Spirit Airlines
N625VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N627CZ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Delta Connection
N627VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N628CZ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Delta Connection
N632VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N637NK A320-232(WL) Spirit Airlines
N637VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N639CZ ERJ-175-LR (ERJ-170-200 LR) Delta Connection
N641VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N650NK A320-232(WL) Spirit Airlines
N652GT 767-231(ER) Atlas Air
N66828 737-924(ER)(WL) United Airlines
N669NK A321-231(WL) Spirit Airlines
N67134 757-224(WL) United Airlines
N68822 737-924(ER)(WL) United Airlines
N68842 737-924(ER)(WL) United Airlines
N69806 737-924(ER)(WL) United Airlines
N699DL 757-232 Delta Air Lines
N709DS Global 5000 CB Air LLC
N709SK CRJ-701-ER United Express
N728AN 777-323(ER) American Airlines
N733AR 777-323(ER) American Airlines
N734AR 777-323(ER) American Airlines
N756AM 777-223(ER) American Airlines
N75851 757-324(WL) United Airlines
N758AN 777-223(ER) American Airlines
N761RR 737-7H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N762AN 777-223(ER) American Airlines
N769SW 737-7H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N7734H 737-7BD(WL) Southwest Airlines
N7834A 737-752(WL) Southwest Airlines
N7849A 737-71B(WL) Southwest Airlines
N823DX 757-26D(WL) Delta Air Lines
N826AN 787-9 Dreamliner American Airlines
N828AA 787-9 Dreamliner American Airlines
N8316H 737-8H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N844VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N847VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N849VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N854VA A320-214 Alaska Airlines
N857DZ 737-932(ER)(WL) Delta Air Lines
N8640D 737-8H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N8652B 737-8H4(WL) Southwest Airlines
N869AS CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N925AT 717-231 Delta Air Lines
N926SW CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N929SW CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N930AU A321-231(WL) American Airlines
N941FR A319-112 Frontier Airlines
N942NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N944NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N945NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N948SW CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N951NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N963SW CRJ-200-ER SkyWest Airlines
N968AN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N969JT A321-231(WL) JetBlue Airways
N972NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N981JT A321-231(WL) JetBlue Airways
N983NN 737-823(WL) American Airlines
N985JT A321-231(WL) JetBlue Airways
PH-BFC 747-406M KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
SP-LRD 787-8 Dreamliner LOT - Polish Airlines
TC-JJT 777-3F2(ER) Turkish Airlines
TF-LUV A330-343 Wow Air
XA-AMA 737-852(WL) Aeromexico
XA-VLM A320-233(WL) Volaris
XA-VLN A320-233(WL) Volaris
XA-VLP A320-233(WL) Volaris
ZK-OKH 777-219(ER) Air New Zealand
ZK-OKQ 777-319(ER) Air New Zealand
ZK-OKR 777-319(ER) Air New Zealand
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