DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated July 2019 Loads

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DFW Foreign Carrier Estimated July 2019 Loads

Postby Greg on Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:24 am

Here are the estimated load factors for the foreign carriers at DFW for July 2019. I've updated the Qantas loads. Previously I had been figuring about 130 seats were blocked on the westbound DFW-SYD sector. Initially this put us at a 107% load factor - not possible. I've been told now the seat block is closer to 100 seats, so I have updated the counts there. Still mostly full, but not impossibly so. Either way, a good month for Qantas. I also understand the Premium cabins are usually sold well too.

Strong across the board, and Interjet seems to have rebounded from previous lows. Summer is the good season for all of course.

How did we arrive at the data?
I took publicly available seat counts and other published data showing available data and came up with these estimates. I do not guarantee 100% accuracy, but I think we are fairly close to the true numbers. OAG, Various Source websites, airline sites etc.

AeroMexico - 62 flights with 99 seats
Air Canada - 182 flights with 76 seats
Air France - 18 flights with 224 seats, four flights with 208 seats
Avianca - 31 flights with 150 seats
British Airways – 36 flights with 226 seats, seven flights with 219 seats, one flight with 297 seats
Emirates - 31 flights with 354 seats
Interjet - 40 flights with 150 seats, 13 flights with 192 seats, five flights with 162 seats
Japan Airlines - 31 flights with 195 seats
Korean - 22 flights with 277 seats
Lufthansa - 31 flights with 255 seats
Qantas – 24 flights with 484 seats inbound and 384 seats outbound (lower outbound estimate for blocked seats)
Qatar – 27 flights with 327 seats, four flights with 354 seats
Volaris - 32 flights with 179 seats


Source Data from DFW Airport
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