The Fourth Edition of Commercial Aviation 101, released in May 2019, is an in-depth look at the ins and outs of the commercial aviation industry as it stands today. Featuring a detailed explanation of the various security programs that are in place today, Commercial Aviation 101 will help the reader understand the policies and procedures that have been established to keep the skies of our nation safe. For those who are also interested in learning some of the basics of the commercial aviation industry, Commercial Aviation 101 also features detailed descriptions of common terms and practices used by commercial airlines and airports today. Among other things, readers will learn how airports make money, how to identify different commercial aircraft as well as dozens of various terms in the Glossary.

Commercial Aviation 101 takes the reader through a history of the industry, from its inception to the changes wrought by deregulation in the late 1970s through the current era. For those with very little knowledge of the industry to old hands, there is something in here for everyone.

About the author: Greg Gayden (founder and editor of DFW has 18 years of experience in the aviation security field, working with the various rules and regulations that are in place to ensure the integrity of the commercial aviation system. Gayden is also a prolific airplane spotter, logging some 88,000 entries (an unofficial world record), as well as commercial aviation photographer; some 3,700 photos of his from DFW and around the world can be seen here.

Interested in more info, stats, charts, and graphs? Check out the companion piece to Commercial Aviation 101 - the Commercial Aviation Statistical Abstract, published in October 2016.

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