WestJet Daily DFW Tail Number Log 2016-2018

Daily tail numbers of every aircraft operated by the foreign carriers at DFW.
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WestJet Daily DFW Tail Number Log 2016-2018

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WestJet operated seasonal summer service to DFW from Calgary (YYC) from 2016-2018.


27-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSK) 
26-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSK) 
25-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSJ) 
24-Jun-18 B737 (C-FIBW) 
23-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWCY) 
22-Jun-18 B737 (C-GWBT) 
21-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSI) 
20-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSJ) 
19-Jun-18 B737 (C-GWSH) 
18-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSL) 
17-Jun-18 B736 (C-GXWJ) 
16-Jun-18 B737 (C-FZWS) 
15-Jun-18 B736 (C-GEWJ) 
14-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSK) 
12-Jun-18 B737 (C-GUWS) 
11-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSB) 
10-Jun-18 B736 (C-GBWS) 
9-Jun-18 B736 (C-GBWS) 
8-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWJU) 
7-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWJU) 
6-Jun-18 B737 (C-FWSY) 
5-Jun-18 B736 (C-GEWJ) 
4-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWCT) 
3-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWJU) 
2-Jun-18 B736 (C-GWSJ) 
1-Jun-18 B736 (C-GXWJ) 
31-May-18 B736 (C-GWSJ) 
30-May-18 B737 (C-FKWS) 
29-May-18 B736 (C-GEWJ) 
28-May-18 B736 (C-GWSJ) 
27-May-18 B736 (C-GXWJ) 
25-May-18 B737 (C-FIBW) 
23-May-18 B736 (C-GWSB) 
21-May-18 B736 (C-GWSB) 
20-May-18 B736 (C-GEWJ) 
18-May-18 B736 (C-GWSL) 
16-May-18 B737 (C-GWBJ) 
14-May-18 B737 (C-GWJE) 
13-May-18 B736 (C-GWSL) 
11-May-18 B737 (C-GWSO) 
9-May-18 B738 (C-GWRG) 
7-May-18 B736 (C-GEWJ) 
6-May-18 B736 (C-GWCY) 
4-May-18 B736 (C-GWCQ) 
2-May-18 B737 (C-FWSF) 
2-May-18 B737 (C-FWSF) 
30-Apr-18 B736 (C-GWCQ) 


5-Sep B736 (C-GWSJ)
4-Sep B736 (C-GWSL)
3-Sep B736 (C-GEWJ)
2-Sep B737 (C-GWBN)
1-Sep B737 (C-FMWJ)
31-Aug B736 (C-GWCQ)
30-Aug B737 (C-FBWS)
29-Aug B736 (C-GEWJ)
28-Aug B736 (C-GWCT)
27-Aug B736 (C-GWCT)
26-Aug B737 (C-FZWS)
25-Aug B737 (C-FXWJ)
24-Aug B737 (C-FXWJ)
23-Aug B736 (C-GBWS)
22-Aug B737 (C-FXWJ)
21-Aug B736 (C-GWCY)
20-Aug B736 (C-GWCY)
19-Aug B737 (C-GWJT)
18-Aug B737 (C-GSWJ)
17-Aug B737 (C-FWSY)
16-Aug B737 (C-FBWS)
15-Aug B737 (C-FWSO)
14-Aug B738 (C-FAWJ)
13-Aug B737 (C-FGWJ)
12-Aug B737 (C-GWBX)
11-Aug B737 (C-GRWS)
10-Aug B737 (C-FZWS)
9-Aug B737 (C-FEWJ)
8-Aug B738 (C-FONK)
7-Aug B736 (C-GWJU)
6-Aug B736 (C-GWCT)
5-Aug B737 (C-GUWS)
4-Aug B737 (C-GWSU)
3-Aug B737 (C-GWSQ)
2-Aug B737 (C-GWJE)
1-Aug B737 (C-FWSV)
31-Jul B736 (C-GBWS)
30-Jul B736 (C-GWCT)
29-Jul B737 (C-FGWJ)
28-Jul B737 (C-GSWJ)
27-Jul B737 (C-GWBX)
26-Jul B736 (C-GXWJ)
25-Jul B737 (C-GWCM)
24-Jul B737 (C-FJWS)
23-Jul B736 (C-GWCY)
22-Jul B736 (C-GWSK)
21-Jul B738 (C-FUMF)
20-Jul B737 (C-GWBT)
19-Jul B737 (C-FJWS)
18-Jul B737 (C-FWCN)
17-Jul B736 (C-GWSK)
16-Jul B736 (C-GWSK)
15-Jul B737 (C-GWSO)
14-Jul B737 (C-FKIW)
13-Jul B737 (C-FWSY)
12-Jul B737 (C-GTWS)
11-Jul B737 (C-GWSO)
10-Jul B736 (C-GWCY)
9-Jul B736 (C-GWCY)
8-Jul B737 (C-FWSX)
7-Jul B737 (C-GWSP)
6-Jul B736 (C-GWCQ)
5-Jul B737 (C-FXWJ)
4-Jul B737 (C-FWSF)
3-Jul B736 (C-GWSK)
2-Jul B736 (C-GWSK)
1-Jul B737 (C-FKIW)
30-Jun B737 (C-GWBT)
29-Jun B737 (C-FJWS)
28-Jun B737 (C-GWBF)
27-Jun B737 (C-FJWS)
26-Jun B736 (C-GWSI)
25-Jun B737 (C-GWJF)
24-Jun B737 (C-GWCM)
23-Jun B737 (C-GWSO)
22-Jun B737 (C-FWSO)
21-Jun B737 (C-GWSE)
20-Jun B737 (C-FMWJ)
19-Jun B737 (C-FLWJ)
18-Jun B736 (C-GWCY)
17-Jun B737 (C-GWAZ)
16-Jun B737 (C-GWBX)
15-Jun B737 (C-FIBW)
14-Jun B737 (C-FWSY)
13-Jun B737 (C-GRWS)
12-Jun B736 (C-GWSI)
11-Jun B736 (C-GWSI)
10-Jun B737 (C-FMWJ)
9-Jun B737 (C-FGWJ)
8-Jun B737 (C-FTWJ)
7-Jun B737 (C-FGWJ)
6-Jun B738 (C-GDMP)
5-Jun B736 (C-GBWS)
4-Jun B736 (C-GBWS)
3-Jun B737 (C-GGWJ)
2-Jun B737 (C-GWJO)
1-Jun B737 (C-GWSN)
31-May B737 (C-GWBN)
30-May B737 (C-GCWJ)
29-May B736 (C-GXWJ)
28-May B736 (C-GXWJ)
27-May B737 (C-GUWS)
26-May B737 (C-FWSK)
25-May B737 (C-GUWS)
24-May B737 (C-FBWJ)
23-May B737 (C-GUWS)
22-May B736 (C-GXWJ)
21-May B736 (C-GXWJ)
20-May B737 (C-FKIW)
19-May B737 (C-GWSH)
18-May B737 (C-GWBJ)
17-May B737 (C-GTWS)
16-May B737 (C-GWBF)
15-May B736 (C-GPWS)
14-May B736 (C-GWCT)
13-May B737 (C-GWJT)
12-May B737 (C-FKWS)
11-May B737 (C-GWCM)
10-May B737 (C-FBWS)
9-May B737 (C-GWBJ)
8-May B737 (C-FIWS)
6-May B737 (C-FIWS)
5-May B737 (C-GWBX)
4-May B737 (C-FWCN)
3-May B737 (C-GSWJ)
2-May B737 (C-GWBJ)
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