LHR pics

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Re: LHR pics

Post by 03SVTCobra »

Nice shots. Wish I could get overseas to spot sometime.
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Re: LHR pics

Post by Greg »

Great stuff! I am ready for another trip to LHR, I've been spotting there a few times, but its been two years now... Myrtle Ave is just nonstop action. I'm in Denver now until the end of the month, but its hard to get many pics out here - no official areas, heavy police presence and so on.
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Re: LHR pics

Post by lukemanny »

this buncha stuff is really good i like them i couldnt get any when i went there cosi was in the terminal and it looked really crap :( did you see the A380 from singapore? tell ya what, it is mahoosive lol

anyways really good
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