Qatar Airways Daily DFW Tail Number Log 2014-2019

Daily tail numbers of every aircraft operated by the foreign carriers at DFW.
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Qatar Airways Daily DFW Tail Number Log 2014-2019

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Qatar Airlines commenced daily service (7,932 miles) from DFW to Doha (DOH) on July 1, 2014 flight data provided by FlightRadar24:


4-Sep-19 A35K (A7-AND)
3-Sep-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
2-Sep-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
1-Sep-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
31-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
30-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
29-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
28-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
27-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
26-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
25-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
24-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
23-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
22-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
21-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
20-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
19-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
18-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
17-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
16-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
15-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
14-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
13-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
12-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
11-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
10-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
9-Aug-19 A35K (A7-AND)
8-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
7-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
6-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
5-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
4-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
3-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
2-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
1-Aug-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
31-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
30-Jul-19 B77W (A7-BER)
29-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
28-Jul-19 B77W (A7-BEU)
27-Jul-19 B77W (A7-BER)
26-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
25-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
24-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
23-Jul-19 B77W (A7-BEU)
22-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
21-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
20-Jul-19 A359 (A7-AMH)
19-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
18-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANI)
17-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
16-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
15-Jul-19 A359 (A7-AMH)
14-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
13-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
12-Jul-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
11-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
10-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
10-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
9-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
8-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
7-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
6-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
5-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
4-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
3-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
2-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
1-Jul-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
30-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
29-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
28-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
27-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
26-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANA)
26-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
25-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
24-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
23-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEN)
22-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
21-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
20-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
19-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEL)
18-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEN)
17-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BES)
16-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEQ)
15-Jun-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
14-Jun-19 A35K (A7-AND)
13-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
12-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
11-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
10-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
9-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANC)
8-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
7-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANE)
7-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
6-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
5-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
4-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANG)
3-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANH)
2-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANF)
1-Jun-19 A35K (A7-ANB)
31-May-19 B77W (A7-BES)
30-May-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
29-May-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
28-May-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
27-May-19 B77W (A7-BEI)
26-May-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
25-May-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
24-May-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
23-May-19 B77W (A7-BEU)
22-May-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
21-May-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
20-May-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
19-May-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
18-May-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
17-May-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
16-May-19 B77W (A7-BAF)
15-May-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
14-May-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
13-May-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
12-May-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
11-May-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
10-May-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
9-May-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
8-May-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
7-May-19 B77W (A7-BEE)
6-May-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
5-May-19 B77W (A7-BET)
4-May-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
3-May-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
2-May-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
1-May-19 B77W (A7-BEP)
30-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
29-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
28-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEL)
27-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
26-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
25-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
24-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BES)
23-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BET)
22-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEP)
21-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
20-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAO)
19-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
18-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
17-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEM)
16-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
15-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEQ)
14-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
13-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
12-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BER)
11-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEM)
10-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
9-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEQ)
8-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEI)
7-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
6-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
5-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
4-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
3-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BEQ)
2-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BED)
2-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BED)
1-Apr-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
31-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
30-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
29-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEN)
28-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEU)
27-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEO)
26-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
25-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
24-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
23-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
22-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
21-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
20-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
19-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
18-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEU)
17-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
16-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEV)
15-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEE)
14-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEN)
13-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
12-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
11-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAF)
10-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
9-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
8-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BES)
7-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
6-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEP)
5-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAK)
4-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BED)
3-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
2-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
1-Mar-19 B77W (A7-BER)
28-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
27-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BET)
26-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
25-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
24-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
23-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
22-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
21-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
20-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BER)
19-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
18-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
17-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEF)
16-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
15-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
14-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAC)
13-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAO)
12-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEG)
11-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAC)
10-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
9-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAH)
8-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
7-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAJ)
6-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BAO)
5-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEK)
4-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEI)
3-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEL)
2-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
1-Feb-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
31-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
30-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEE)
29-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
28-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
27-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAJ)
26-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
25-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEX)
24-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
23-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAB)
22-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEE)
21-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
20-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEW)
19-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAM)
18-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
17-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAH)
16-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAG)
15-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAC)
14-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAK)
13-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAC)
12-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAQ)
11-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAK)
10-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAQ)
9-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEH)
8-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAC)
7-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEH)
6-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
5-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAB)
4-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BEJ)
3-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAA)
2-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAO)
1-Jan-19 B77W (A7-BAE)


31-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
30-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
29-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
28-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
27-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
26-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
25-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
24-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
23-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
22-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
21-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
20-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
19-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
18-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
17-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
16-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
15-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
14-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
14-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
13-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
12-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
11-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
10-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BES)
9-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
8-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
7-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
6-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
5-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
4-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
3-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
2-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
1-Dec-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
30-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
29-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
28-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
27-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
26-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
25-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
24-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
23-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
22-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAP)
21-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
20-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
19-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
18-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
17-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
16-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
15-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
14-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
13-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
12-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
11-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
10-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
9-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
8-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
7-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
6-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
5-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
4-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
3-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
2-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
1-Nov-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
31-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
30-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
29-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
28-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
27-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
26-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
25-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
24-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
23-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
22-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
21-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
20-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
19-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
18-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
17-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
16-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
15-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
14-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
13-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
12-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
11-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
10-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
9-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
8-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
7-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
6-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
5-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEL)
4-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
3-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
2-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
1-Oct-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
30-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
29-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
28-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
27-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
26-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
25-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
24-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
23-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
22-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
21-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
20-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
19-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
18-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
17-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
16-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
15-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
14-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
13-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
12-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
11-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
10-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
9-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
8-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
7-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
6-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
5-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
4-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
3-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
2-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
1-Sep-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
31-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
30-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
29-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
28-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
27-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
26-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
25-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
24-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
23-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
22-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
21-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
20-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
20-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
19-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
18-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
17-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
16-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
15-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
14-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
13-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
12-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
11-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
10-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
9-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
8-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
7-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
6-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
5-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
4-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
3-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
2-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
1-Aug-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
31-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
30-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
29-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
28-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
27-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
26-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
25-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
24-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
23-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
22-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
21-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
20-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
19-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
18-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
17-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
16-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
15-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
14-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
13-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
12-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
11-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
10-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
9-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
8-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
7-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
6-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
5-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
4-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
3-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
2-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
1-Jul-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
30-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
29-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
28-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
27-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
26-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
24-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
23-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
22-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
21-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
20-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
19-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
18-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
17-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
16-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
15-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
14-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
13-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
12-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
11-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
10-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
9-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
8-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
7-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
6-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
5-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
4-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
3-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
2-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
1-Jun-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
31-May-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
30-May-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
29-May-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
28-May-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
27-May-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
26-May-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
25-May-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
24-May-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
23-May-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
22-May-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
21-May-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
20-May-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
19-May-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
18-May-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
17-May-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
16-May-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
15-May-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
14-May-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
12-May-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
11-May-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
10-May-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
9-May-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
8-May-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
7-May-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
6-May-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
5-May-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
4-May-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
3-May-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
2-May-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
1-May-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
30-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
29-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
28-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
27-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
26-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
25-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
24-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
23-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
22-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
21-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
20-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
19-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
18-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
17-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
16-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
15-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
14-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
13-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
12-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
11-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
10-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
9-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
8-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
7-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
6-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
5-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
4-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
3-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
2-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
1-Apr-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
31-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
30-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
29-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
28-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
27-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
26-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
25-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
24-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
23-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
22-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAM)
21-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
20-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
19-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
18-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
17-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
16-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
15-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
14-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAA)
13-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
12-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
11-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAH)
10-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
9-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
8-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
7-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
6-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
5-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
4-Mar-18 B77L (A7-BBF)
3-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
2-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
1-Mar-18 B77W (A7-BAI)
28-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAE)
27-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
27-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
26-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
25-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
24-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
23-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEE)
22-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
21-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEJ)
20-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
19-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
18-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAF)
17-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
16-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAQ)
15-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
14-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
13-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEI)
12-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
11-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
10-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAO)
9-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
8-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAL)
7-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEF)
6-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAG)
5-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAK)
4-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BEH)
3-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAN)
2-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
1-Feb-18 B77W (A7-BAB)
31-Jan-18 B77W (A7-BAC)
30-Jan-18 B77W (A7-BEG)
29-Jan-18 B77W (A7-BAJ)
28-Jan-18 B77W (A7-BAG)


3-Mar B77W (A7-BAO)
2-Mar B77W (A7-BEJ)
1-Mar B77W (A7-BAN)
28-Feb B77W (A7-BAG)
27-Feb B77W (A7-BAC)
26-Feb B77W (A7-BEI)
25-Feb B77W (A7-BEH)
24-Feb B77W (A7-BAE)
23-Feb B77W (A7-BAB)
22-Feb B77W (A7-BAC)
21-Feb B77W (A7-BEJ)
20-Feb B77W (A7-BEH)
19-Feb B77W (A7-BEJ)
18-Feb B77W (A7-BAC)
17-Feb B77W (A7-BAN)
16-Feb B77W (A7-BAK)
15-Feb B77W (A7-BAG)
14-Feb B77W (A7-BAB)
13-Feb B77W (A7-BAG)
12-Feb B77W (A7-BAB)
11-Feb B77W (A7-BEG)
10-Feb B77W (A7-BAC)
9-Feb B77W (A7-BAH)
8-Feb B77W (A7-BEG)
7-Feb B77W (A7-BAB)
6-Feb B77W (A7-BEE)
5-Feb B77W (A7-BEI)
4-Feb B77W (A7-BAC)
3-Feb B77W (A7-BAO)
2-Feb B77W (A7-BEE)
1-Feb B77W (A7-BAI)
31-Jan B77L (A7-BBF)
30-Jan B77W (A7-BEI)
29-Jan B77L (A7-BBH)
28-Jan B77L (A7-BBC)
27-Jan B77L (A7-BBE)
26-Jan B77W (A7-BAC)
25-Jan B77W (A7-BAE)
24-Jan B77W (A7-BAO)
23-Jan B77W (A7-BEF)
22-Jan B77W (A7-BEG)
21-Jan B77L (A7-BBC)
20-Jan B77L (A7-BBA)
19-Jan B77W (A7-BEJ)
18-Jan B77W (A7-BAF)
17-Jan B77W (A7-BEG)
16-Jan B77W (A7-BEF)
15-Jan B77W (A7-BEG)
14-Jan B77W (A7-BAC)
13-Jan B77L (A7-BBA)
12-Jan B77W (A7-BAC)
11-Jan B77W (A7-BEJ)
10-Jan B77W (A7-BAG)
9-Jan B77W (A7-BEF)
8-Jan B77W (A7-BEJ)
7-Jan B77W (A7-BAG)
6-Jan B77W (A7-BEI)
5-Jan B77W (A7-BAF)
4-Jan B77W (A7-BAI)
3-Jan B77W (A7-BEG)
2-Jan B77L (A7-BBF)

22-Dec B77W (A7-BAJ)
21-Dec B77W (A7-BEJ)
20-Dec B77W (A7-BAJ)
19-Dec B77W (A7-BEI)
18-Dec B77W (A7-BAQ)
17-Dec B77W (A7-BEF)
16-Dec B77W (A7-BAF)
15-Dec B77W (A7-BAG)
14-Dec B77W (A7-BAL)
13-Dec B77W (A7-BEF)
12-Dec B77W (A7-BAC)
11-Dec B77W (A7-BEF)
10-Dec B77W (A7-BEJ)
9-Dec B77W (A7-BAK)
8-Dec B77W (A7-BAG)
7-Dec B77W (A7-BEF)
6-Dec B77W (A7-BEE)
5-Dec B77W (A7-BEH)
4-Dec B77W (A7-BEG)
3-Dec B77W (A7-BEJ)
2-Dec B77W (A7-BEI)
1-Dec B77W (A7-BEF)
30-Nov B77W (A7-BAC)
29-Nov B77W (A7-BAA)
28-Nov B77W (A7-BEF)
27-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
26-Nov B77W (A7-BAE)
25-Nov B77W (A7-BEF)
24-Nov B77W (A7-BEI)
23-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
22-Nov B77W (A7-BEJ)
21-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
20-Nov B77W (A7-BAK)
19-Nov B77W (A7-BEI)
18-Nov B77W (A7-BAE)
17-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
16-Nov B77W (A7-BAA)
15-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
14-Nov B77W (A7-BAC)
13-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
12-Nov B77W (A7-BAC)
11-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
10-Nov B77W (A7-BEI)
9-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
8-Nov B77W (A7-BEF)
7-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
6-Nov B77W (A7-BEJ)
5-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
4-Nov B77W (A7-BEI)
3-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
2-Nov B77W (A7-BAI)
1-Nov B77W (A7-BAF)
31-Oct B77W (A7-BAI)
30-Oct B77L (A7-BBC)
29-Oct B77W (A7-BEI)
28-Oct B77W (A7-BEJ)
27-Oct B77W (A7-BAI)
26-Oct B77W (A7-BEI)
25-Oct B77W (A7-BAM)
24-Oct B77W (A7-BEG)
23-Oct B77W (A7-BAF)
22-Oct B77W A7-BEH
21-Oct B77W A7-BAG
20-Oct B77W A7-BAI
19-Oct B77W A7-BAE
18-Oct B77W A7-BAM
17-Oct B77W A7-BEF
16-Oct B77W (A7-BEF)
15-Oct B77W (A7-BEI)
14-Oct B77W (A7-BAA)
13-Oct B77W (A7-BAQ)
12-Oct B77W (A7-BEH)
11-Oct B77L (A7-BBD)
10-Oct B77W (A7-BAB)
9-Oct B77W (A7-BEH)
8-Oct B77W (A7-BAE)
7-Oct B77W (A7-BAJ)
6-Oct B77L (A7-BBI)
5-Oct B77W (A7-BAA)
4-Oct B77W (A7-BAE)
3-Oct B77W (A7-BAJ)
2-Oct B77W (A7-BEF)
1-Oct B77W (A7-BAG)
30-Sep B77W (A7-BAF)
29-Sep B77W (A7-BEH)
28-Sep B77W (A7-BAG)
27-Sep B77W (A7-BEE)
26-Sep B77W (A7-BED)
25-Sep B77W (A7-BAJ)
24-Sep B77W (A7-BEG)
23-Sep B77W (A7-BAF)
22-Sep B77W (A7-BAJ)
21-Sep B77W (A7-BED)
20-Sep B77W (A7-BEI)
19-Sep B77W (A7-BAJ)
18-Sep B77W (A7-BED)
17-Sep B77W (A7-BAF)
16-Sep B77W (A7-BAB)
15-Sep B77W (A7-BAI)
14-Sep B77W (A7-BEJ)
13-Sep B77W (A7-BEI)
12-Sep B77W (A7-BEF)
11-Sep B77W (A7-BEH)
10-Sep B77W (A7-BAN)
9-Sep B77W (A7-BAJ)
8-Sep B77W (A7-BAI)
7-Sep B77W (A7-BEE)
6-Sep B77W (A7-BAC)
5-Sep B77W (A7-BAF)
4-Sep B77W (A7-BAA)
3-Sep B77W (A7-BAN)
2-Sep B77W (A7-BAJ)
1-Sep B77W (A7-BAN)
31-Aug B77W (A7-BAC)
30-Aug B77W (A7-BEG)
29-Aug B77W (A7-BEI)
28-Aug B77W (A7-BEH)
27-Aug B77W (A7-BEE)
26-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
24-Aug B77W (A7-BAL)
23-Aug B77W (A7-BAC)
22-Aug B77W (A7-BEE)
21-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
20-Aug B77W (A7-BAJ)
19-Aug B77W (A7-BAM)
18-Aug B77W (A7-BEG)
17-Aug B77W (A7-BAJ)
16-Aug B77W (A7-BEI)
15-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
14-Aug B77W (A7-BEE)
13-Aug B77W (A7-BEH)
12-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
11-Aug B77W (A7-BAG)
10-Aug B77W (A7-BEH)
9-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
8-Aug B77W (A7-BAG)
7-Aug B77W (A7-BEH)
6-Aug B77W (A7-BEE)
5-Aug B77W (A7-BAQ)
4-Aug B77W (A7-BEI)
3-Aug B77W (A7-BEF)
2-Aug B77W (A7-BAG)
1-Aug B77W (A7-BAM)
31-Jul B77W (A7-BAH)
30-Jul B77W (A7-BEJ)
29-Jul B77W (A7-BEH)
28-Jul B77W (A7-BEF)
27-Jul B77W (A7-BEG)
26-Jul B77W (A7-BEE)
25-Jul B77W (A7-BAA)
24-Jul B77W (A7-BEI)
23-Jul B77W (A7-BAX)
22-Jul B77W (A7-BAJ)
21-Jul B77W (A7-BEI)
20-Jul B77W (A7-BAJ)
19-Jul B77W (A7-BAM)
18-Jul B77W (A7-BEE)
17-Jul B77W (A7-BAJ)
16-Jul B77W (A7-BEH)
15-Jul B77W (A7-BAB)
14-Jul B77W (A7-BEG)
13-Jul B77W (A7-BEH)
12-Jul B77W (A7-BAJ)
11-Jul B77W (A7-BAM)
10-Jul B77W (A7-BEG)
9-Jul B77W (A7-BEI)
8-Jul B77W (A7-BAM)
7-Jul B77W (A7-BEF)
6-Jul B77W (A7-BEE)
5-Jul B77W (A7-BEF)
4-Jul B77W (A7-BAJ)
3-Jul B77W (A7-BEE)
2-Jul B77W (A7-BEF)
1-Jul B77W (A7-BEI)
30-Jun B77W (A7-BAL)
29-Jun B77W (A7-BAG)
28-Jun B77W (A7-BAM)
27-Jun B77W (A7-BEI)
26-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
25-Jun B77W (A7-BEG)
24-Jun B77W (A7-BAC)
23-Jun B77W (A7-BED)
22-Jun B77W (A7-BEG)
21-Jun B77W (A7-BAC)
20-Jun B77W (A7-BAE)
19-Jun B77W (A7-BEH)
18-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
17-Jun B77W (A7-BAJ)
16-Jun B77W (A7-BEI)
15-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
14-Jun B77W (A7-BAI)
13-Jun B77W (A7-BEE)
12-Jun B77W (A7-BAJ)
11-Jun B77W (A7-BAG)
10-Jun B77W (A7-BAC)
9-Jun B77W (A7-BAN)
8-Jun B77W (A7-BEH)
7-Jun B77W (A7-BAJ)
6-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
5-Jun B77W (A7-BAB)
4-Jun B77W (A7-BAJ)
3-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
2-Jun B77W (A7-BEI)
1-Jun B77W (A7-BEF)
31-May B77W (A7-BAM)
30-May B77W (A7-BAL)
29-May B77W (A7-BEH)
28-May B77W (A7-BAL)
27-May B77W (A7-BAG)
26-May B77W (A7-BEH)
25-May B77W (A7-BAJ)
24-May B77W (A7-BEF)
23-May B77W (A7-BAJ)
22-May B77W (A7-BAK)
21-May B77W (A7-BEG)
20-May B77W (A7-BAF)
19-May B77W (A7-BAQ)
18-May B77W (A7-BAC)
17-May B77W (A7-BAQ)
16-May B77W (A7-BEE)
15-May B77W (A7-BAC)
14-May B77W (A7-BAE)
13-May B77W (A7-BAC)
12-May B77W (A7-BAF)
11-May B77W (A7-BEH)
10-May B77W (A7-BAC)
9-May B77W (A7-BEG)
8-May B77W (A7-BAI)
7-May B77W (A7-BAE)
6-May B77W (A7-BAL)
5-May B77W (A7-BAF)
4-May B77W (A7-BAM)
3-May B77W (A7-BAK)
2-May B77W (A7-BEI)
1-May B77W (A7-BAF)
30-Apr B77W (A7-BAC)
29-Apr B77L (A7-BBC)
28-Apr B77W (A7-BAL)
27-Apr B77W (A7-BAB)
26-Apr B77W (A7-BEF)
25-Apr B77W (A7-BEE)
24-Apr B77W (A7-BAF)
23-Apr B77W (A7-BAA)
22-Apr B77W (A7-BAM)
21-Apr B77W (A7-BED)
20-Apr B77W (A7-BEE)
19-Apr B77W (A7-BEG)
18-Apr B77W (A7-BAJ)
17-Apr B77W (A7-BEF)
16-Apr B77W (A7-BED)
15-Apr B77W (A7-BAC)
14-Apr B77W (A7-BAF)
13-Apr B77W (A7-BAE)
12-Apr B77W (A7-BEF)
11-Apr B77W (A7-BAC)
10-Apr B77W (A7-BAC)
9-Apr B77W (A7-BAK)
8-Apr B77L (A7-BBC)
7-Apr B77W (A7-BAL)
6-Apr B77W (A7-BAP)
5-Apr B77W (A7-BAB)
4-Apr B77W (A7-BAF)
3-Apr B77W (A7-BEE)
2-Apr B77W (A7-BED)
1-Apr B77L (A7-BBB)
31-Mar B77W (A7-BAJ)
30-Mar B77W (A7-BEG)
28-Mar B77W (A7-BAI)
27-Mar B77W (A7-BAF)
27-Mar B77L (A7-BBD)
26-Mar B77L (A7-BBI)
25-Mar B77W (A7-BAC)
24-Mar B77W (A7-BAF)
23-Mar B77W (A7-BED)
22-Mar B77W (A7-BEF)
21-Mar B77W (A7-BAQ)
20-Mar B77L (A7-BBE)
19-Mar B77L (A7-BBI)
18-Mar B77W (A7-BAF)
17-Mar B77W (A7-BEF)
16-Mar B77W (A7-BAF)
15-Mar B77W (A7-BED)
14-Mar B77W (A7-BAF)
13-Mar B77L (A7-BBF)
12-Mar B77W (A7-BAE)
3/11/2016 B77W  (A7-BAF)
3/10/2016 B77L  (A7-BBB)
3/9/2016 B77W  (A7-BEG)
3/8/2016 B77L  (A7-BBI)
3/7/2016 B77W  (A7-BAC)
3/6/2016 B77W  (A7-BAK)
3/5/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
3/4/2016 B77L  (A7-BBI)
3/3/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
3/2/2016 B77W  (A7-BAM)
3/1/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
2/29/2016 B77W  (A7-BAN)
2/28/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
2/27/2016 B77W  (A7-BAF)
2/26/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
2/25/2016 B77L  (A7-BBD)
2/24/2016 B77W  (A7-BAI)
2/24/2016 B77W  (A7-BAI)
2/23/2016 B77L  (A7-BBH)
2/22/2016 B77L  (A7-BBI)
2/21/2016 B77L  (A7-BBB)
2/20/2016 B77W  (A7-BAM)
2/19/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
2/18/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
2/17/2016 B77L  (A7-BBE)
2/16/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
2/15/2016 B77L  (A7-BBH)
2/14/2016 B77L  (A7-BBD)
2/13/2016 B77L  (A7-BBH)
2/12/2016 B77W  (A7-BAI)
2/11/2016 B77W  (A7-BAF)
2/10/2016 B77L  (A7-BBI)
2/9/2016 B77W  (A7-BAJ)

2/7/16 B77L (A7-BBA)
2/6/16 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/5/16 B77L (A7-BBI)
2/4/16 B77L (A7-BBE)
2/3/16 B77L (A7-BBG)
2/2/16 B77L (A7-BBC)
2/1/16 B77W (A7-BAH)
1/31/16 B77L (A7-BBB)
1/30/16 B77W (A7-BAI)
1/29/16 B77W (A7-BAJ)
1/28/16 B77L (A7-BBB)
1/27/16 B77W (A7-BAQ)
1/26/16 B77W (A7-BAF)
1/25/16 B77W (A7-BAL)
1/24/16 B77W (A7-BAE)
1/23/16 B77W (A7-BAF)
1/22/16 B77W (A7-BAE)
1/21/16 B77W (A7-BAO)
1/20/16 B77W (A7-BAE)
1/19/16 B77W (A7-BAF)
1/18/16 B77W (A7-BAE)
1/17/16 B77W (A7-BAI)
1/16/16 B77W (A7-BAL)
1/15/16 B77W (A7-BAA)
1/14/16 B77L (A7-BBH)
1/13/16 B77L (A7-BBF)
1/12/16 B77W (A7-BAB)
1/11/16 B77L (A7-BBC)
1/10/16 B77W (A7-BAF)
1/9/16 B77L (A7-BBB)
1/8/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
1/7/2016 B77W  (A7-BAL)
1/6/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
1/5/2016 B77L  (A7-BBF)
1/4/2016 B77L  (A7-BBA)
1/3/2016 B77L  (A7-BBH)
1/2/2016 B77W  (A7-BEC)
1/1/2016 B77L  (A7-BBH)
12/31/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
12/30/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
12/29/2015 B77L  (A7-BBG)
12/28/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
12/27/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
12/26/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
12/25/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
12/25/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
12/24/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
12/23/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
12/22/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
12/21/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
12/20/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/19/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
12/18/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
12/17/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
12/16/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
12/15/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
12/14/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/13/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
12/12/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
12/11/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/10/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
12/9/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/7/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/6/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
12/5/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
12/4/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/3/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
12/2/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
12/1/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
11/30/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
11/29/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
11/28/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
11/27/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
11/26/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/25/2015 B77L  (A7-BBG)
11/24/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
11/23/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/22/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
11/21/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/20/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
11/19/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
11/18/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
11/17/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/16/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
11/15/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
11/14/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/13/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
11/12/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
11/11/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
11/10/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
11/9/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
11/8/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
11/7/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
11/6/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
11/5/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
11/4/2015 B77W  (A7-BAF)
11/3/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
11/2/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
11/1/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
10/31/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
10/30/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
10/29/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
10/28/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
10/27/2015 B77W  (A7-BAG)
10/26/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
10/25/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
10/24/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
10/23/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
10/22/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
10/21/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
10/20/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
10/19/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
10/18/2015 B77W  (A7-BAH)
10/17/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
10/16/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
10/15/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
10/14/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
10/13/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
10/13/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
10/12/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/12/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/11/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
10/10/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
10/9/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/8/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
10/7/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
10/6/15 B77W (A7-BAJ)
10/5/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
10/4/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
10/3/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
10/2/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
9/30/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
9/29/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
9/28/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/27/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
9/26/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
9/25/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/24/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
9/23/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
9/22/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
9/21/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/20/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
9/19/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
9/18/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
9/17/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
9/16/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
9/15/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
9/14/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
9/13/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
9/12/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
9/11/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
9/10/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
9/9/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
9/8/2015 B77L  (A7-BBE)
9/7/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
9/6/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
9/5/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
9/4/2015 B77L  (A7-BBB)
9/3/2015 B77L  (A7-BBF)
9/2/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
9/1/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
8/31/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
8/30/2015 B77L  (A7-BBA)
8/29/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
8/28/2015 B77L  (A7-BBD)
8/27/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
8/26/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
8/25/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
8/24/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
8/23/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
8/22/2015 B77L  (A7-BBH)
8/22/2015 B77L  (A7-BBI)
8/21/2015 B77L  (A7-BBC)
8/20/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
8/19/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
8/18/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/17/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/16/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
8/15/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
8/14/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/13/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
8/12/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
8/11/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/10/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
8/9/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/8/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/7/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/6/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
8/5/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
8/4/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/3/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
8/2/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/1/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/31/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/30/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/29/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/28/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/27/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/26/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/25/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/24/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/23/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
7/22/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/21/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/20/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/19/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/18/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/17/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/16/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/15/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/14/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/13/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/12/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/11/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/10/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/9/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/8/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/7/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/6/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/5/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/4/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/3/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/2/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/1/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
6/30/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
6/29/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
6/28/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
6/27/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
6/26/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
6/25/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
6/24/15 B77W (A7-BAK)
6/23/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
6/22/15 B77W (A7-BAC)
6/21/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
6/20/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
6/19/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
6/18/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
6/17/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
6/16/15 B77W (A7-BAJ)
6/15/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
6/14/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
6/13/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
6/12/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
6/11/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
6/10/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
6/9/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
6/8/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
6/7/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
6/6/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
6/5/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
6/4/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
6/3/15 B77W (A7-BAQ)
6/2/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
6/1/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
5/31/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
5/30/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
5/29/15 B77W (A7-BAQ)
5/28/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
5/27/15 B77W (A7-BAQ)
5/26/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
5/25/15 B77W (A7-BAJ)
5/24/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
5/23/15 B77W (A7-BAE)
5/22/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
5/21/15 B77W (A7-BAM)
5/20/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
5/19/15 B77W (A7-BAM)
5/18/15 B77W (A7-BED)
5/17/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
5/16/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
5/15/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
5/14/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
5/13/2015 B77L (A7-BBG)
5/12/2015 B77L (A7-BBH)
5/11/2015 B77W (A7-BAM)
5/10/2015 B77L (A7-BBD)
5/9/2015 B77W (A7-BAG)
5/8/2015 B77W (A7-BAA)
5/7/2015 B77W (A7-BAN)
5/6/2015 B77L (A7-BBH)
5/5/2015 B77W (A7-BAK)
5/4/2015 B77L (A7-BBH)
5/3/2015 B77W (A7-BAG)
5/2/2015 B77L (A7-BBI)
5/1/2015 B77W (A7-BAN)
5/1/2015 B77W (A7-BAN)
4/30/2015 B77L (A7-BBC)
4/29/2015 B77W (A7-BAN)
4/28/2015 B77L (A7-BBD)
4/27/2015 B77L (A7-BBB)
4/26/2015 B77L (A7-BBA)
4/25/2015 B77L (A7-BBG)
4/24/2015 B77L (A7-BBB)
4/23/2015 B77L (A7-BBG)
4/22/2015 B77L (A7-BBF)
4/21/2015 B77L (A7-BBI)
4/20/2015 B77L (A7-BBH)
4/20/2015 B77L (A7-BBH)
4/19/2015 B77L (A7-BBC)
4/18/2015 B77L (A7-BBF)
4/17/15 B77W (A7-BAL)
4/16/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
4/15/15 B77W (A7-BAL)
4/14/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
4/13/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
4/12/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
4/11/15 B77W (A7-BAE)
4/10/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
4/9/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
4/8/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
4/7/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
4/6/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
4/5/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
4/4/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
4/3/15 B77W (A7-BAI)
4/2/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
4/1/15 B77W (A7-BAC)
3/31/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
3/30/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/29/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
3/28/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/27/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
3/26/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
3/25/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
3/24/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
3/23/15 B77W (A7-BAE)
3/22/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
3/21/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
3/20/15 B77W (A7-BAA)
3/19/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
3/18/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
3/17/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
3/16/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/15/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
3/14/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/13/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
3/12/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
3/11/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
3/10/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
3/9/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
3/8/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
3/7/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
3/6/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
3/5/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
3/4/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/3/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
3/2/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
3/1/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
2/28/15 B77W (A7-BAG)
2/27/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
2/26/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/25/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
2/24/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
2/23/15 B77W (A7-BAL)
2/22/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
2/21/15 B77W (A7-BAO)
2/20/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
2/19/15 B77W (A7-BAI)
2/18/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
2/17/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/16/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
2/15/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
2/14/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/13/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
2/12/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
2/11/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
2/10/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
2/9/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
2/8/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
2/7/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
2/6/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/5/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
2/4/15 B77L (A7-BBH)
2/3/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
2/2/15 B77L (A7-BBB)
2/1/15 B77L (A7-BBD)
1/31/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
1/30/15 B77W (A7-BED)
1/29/15 B77L (A7-BBG)
1/28/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
1/27/15 B77W (A7-BAL)
1/26/15 B77W (A7-BAB)
1/25/15 B77L (A7-BBE)
1/24/15 B77L (A7-BBC)
1/23/15 B77W (A7-BAL)
1/22/15 B77L (A7-BBF)
1/21/15 B77L (A7-BBA)
1/20/15 B77W (A7-BED)
1/19/15 B77L (A7-BBI)
1/18/15 B77L (A7-BBG)

12/18/14 B77W (A7-BAN)
12/17/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/16/14 B77W (A7-BAC)
12/15/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/14/14 B77W (A7-BAA)
12/13/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
12/12/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
12/11/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/10/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
12/9/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
12/8/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
12/7/14 B77W (A7-BAE)
12/6/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
12/5/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/4/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
12/3/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
12/2/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
12/1/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
11/30/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
11/29/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
11/28/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
11/27/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
11/26/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
11/25/14 B77W (A7-BAX)
11/24/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
11/23/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
11/22/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
11/21/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
11/20/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
11/19/14 B77L (A7-BBF)

11/13/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
11/12/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
11/11/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
11/10/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
11/9/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
11/8/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
11/7/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
11/6/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
11/5/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
11/4/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
11/3/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
11/2/14 B77W (A7-BAI)
11/1/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
10/31/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
10/30/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
10/29/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
10/28/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
10/27/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
10/26/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
10/25/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
10/24/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
10/23/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/22/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
10/21/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/20/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
10/19/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
10/18/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
10/17/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
10/16/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
10/15/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
10/14/14 B77W (A7-BAC)
10/13/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
10/12/14 B77W (A7-BAJ)
10/11/14 B77W (A7-BAI)
10/10/14 B77W (A7-BAQ)
10/9/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
10/8/14 B77W (A7-BAG)
10/7/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
10/6/14 B77W (A7-BAG)
10/5/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
10/4/14 B77W (A7-BAQ)
10/3/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
10/2/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
10/1/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
9/30/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
9/29/14 B77W (A7-BAJ)
9/28/14 B77W (A7-BAG)
9/27/14 B77W (A7-BAQ)
9/26/14 B77W (A7-BAI)
9/25/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
9/24/14 B77W (A7-BAM)
9/23/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/22/14 B77W (A7-BAI)
9/21/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/20/14 B77W (A7-BAE)
9/19/14 B77W (A7-BAI)
9/18/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
9/17/14 B77W (A7-BAH)
9/16/14 B77W (A7-BAA)
9/15/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
9/14/14 B77W (A7-BAA)
9/13/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
9/12/14 B77W (A7-BAO)
9/11/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
9/10/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
9/9/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
9/8/14 B77W (A7-BAJ)
9/7/14 B77W (A7-BAW)
9/6/14 B77W (A7-BAA)
9/5/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
9/4/14 B77W (A7-BAA)
9/3/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
9/2/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
9/1/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
8/31/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/30/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/29/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
8/28/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
8/27/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/26/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/25/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/24/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
8/23/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/22/14 B77L (A7-BBG)
8/21/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
8/20/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/19/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
8/18/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/17/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/16/14 B77L (A7-BBI)
8/15/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/14/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
8/13/14 B77L (A7-BBC)
8/12/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
8/11/14 B77L (A7-BBB)
8/10/14 B77L (A7-BBF)
8/9/14 B77L (A7-BBH)
8/8/14 B77L (A7-BBA)
8/7/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/6/14 B77L (A7-BBD)
8/5/14 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/4/2014 B77L (A7-BBD)
8/3/2014 B77L (A7-BBE)
8/2/2014 B77L (A7-BBD)
8/1/2014 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/31/2014 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/30/2014 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/29/2014 B77L (A7-BBH)
7/28/2014 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/27/2014 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/26/2014 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/25/2014 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/24/2014 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/23/2014 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/22/2014 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/21/2014 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/20/2014 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/19/2014 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/18/2014 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/17/2014 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/16/2014 B77L (A7-BBG)
7/15/2014 B77L (A7-BBE)
7/14/2014 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/13/2014 B77L (A7-BBB)
7/12/2014 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/11/2014 B77L (A7-BBH)
7/10/2014 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/9/2014 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/8/2014 B77L (A7-BBA)
7/7/2014 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/6/2014 B77L (A7-BBC)
7/5/2014 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/4/2014 B77L (A7-BBD)
7/3/2014 B77L (A7-BBI)
7/2/2014 B77L (A7-BBF)
7/1/2014 B77L (A7-BBD)
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