TSA finds 3,257 guns in carry-on bags in 2020

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TSA finds 3,257 guns in carry-on bags in 2020

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TSA announced that screeners found 3,257 guns in carry-on bags in 2020, a drop from the record 4,432 that were found in 2019. Of course, TSA screened 500 million fewer passengers in 2020 as opposed to 2019. So, with guns being found at a rate of one per every 99,478 passengers in 2020, if TSA had screened the same number of passengers last year as it had in 2019, we estimate that screeners would have found 8,283 guns in carry-on bags.

Top Ten Airports for Guns in Carry-On Bags:

Atlanta 220
DFW 176
Houston IAH 12
Phoenix 124
Denver 104
Nashville 94
Fort Lauderdale 87
Orlando 79
Las Vegas 72
Salt Lake City 71
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