DFW plans VIP facility at Corporate Aviation

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DFW plans VIP facility at Corporate Aviation

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The Private Suite DFW shall operate an approximately 12,000 square foot facility at Corporate Aviation for screening, processing, and transfer of VIP passengers to and from commercial aircraft in accordance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines. This facility will provide customers an exceptional experience and will be housed at the rear of the Corporate Aviation facility. The lease term is for 10 years with one five-year option. The minimum annual guarantee will be waived for the first two years. Concessionaire shall pay a
total projected minimum annual guarantee of $32,000,000 from years 2 through 10.

PS (formerly known as The Private Suite) launched at LAX in Spring 2017 as the first private security, VIP transfer service and private lounge offering for commercial travel in the United States. PS customers will be transferred to commercial flights on the airside, via a fleet of BMWs. Customers who have dwell time prior to their flights can enjoy either a shared space or a private suite while waiting for their flight. High quality food offerings and other amenities will be offered on a customized basis, depending on the traveler's individual needs.

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