Latest DFW Spending Items, March 2023

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Latest DFW Spending Items, March 2023

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Some items of note from the latest DFW Airport Board meeting notes:

As of December 31, 2022, DFW has a balance of $840.7 million in its pension fund.

As result of the Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting truck's driveline breaking at the rear axle, damage was sustained to the electrical harness, lubrication and air lines. Additional damage occurred to the undercarriage of the unit, as well as to the truck's frame rails. Repairs will cost $53,984.

DFW received a $47,500 grant through the Office of the Governor to purchase Compact Response Shields for rapid response deployment. stant Shield Grant Program, established through the Office of the Governor, is awarding the Airport Board for fiscal year 2023 to carry out homeland security project to significantly improve local and regional terrorism prevention, preparedness, and response capabilities.

If I’m reading things right, DFW will increase a contract by $82.2 million to a total of $116 million to upgrade various utility systems in Terminal C, which are said to an extensive upgrade. The systems to be upgraded include, but not limited to, heating supply and return piping, cooling supply and return piping, preconditioned air supply and return piping, and electrical conduits.

$234.3 million to construct a new Supplemental Electric Central Utilities Plant (ECUP) within the International Parkway median, north of the existing CUP, between Terminals A and B. The new ECUP will be integrated with the existing CUP to allow both to operate as one in providing both heating and cooling. The Airport's Central Utility Plant (CUP), which provides heating and cooling for central terminal area facilities, is nearing capacity. Additional heating and cooling capability is needed to support future growth, including the Central Terminal Area (CTA) Expansion Program. The existing CUP utilizes natural gas burning equipment to produce the needed heating. The ECUP will use highly efficient electric equipment to produce heating and is planned to become the primary source of heat. The new ECUP equipment, when running on the Airport's 100% renewable electricity, should significantly reduce overall emissions. It is estimated that the ECUP will eliminate approximately 85% of heating production related greenhouse gas emissions, thereby reducing the Airport's emissions by an estimated 15.3 million metric tons per year. Currently, $40,000,000 has been received in Federal grants to assist in funding a portion of this Contract.
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