New Founders Plaza

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New Founders Plaza

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Hey Guys,
I am from Charlotte, NC. I am thinking about non-rev'ing to DFW for some spotting. I read about the new Founders Plaza on the West Side of the field. I was trying to find some feedback from people that have been out there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Trent R Sellers
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Re: New Founders Plaza

Post by Greg »


Welcome to DFW Tower. I think the new Founders Plaza is a great location for spotting. I would advise against doing much there in the morning, as you will be looking directly into the sun. Its best to get out there after lunch and into the evening. After about 230 or 3 you should start to see a lot of action, foreign heavies and cargo as well on the west side. The new location is very close, so you should be able to get some real tight shots of arrivals. I haven't yet been there for departures so I can't speak to that, although I imagine that it should be pretty good as well, at least for heavies that take their time to climb out.

There are water fountains, some shade coverings and a pretty large area. (No restrooms though). I'm sure that there are plenty of locals here who would be happy to show you around if you come visit.

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Re: New Founders Plaza

Post by super80 »

The new plaza is just great. They have a radio going onz dual watch between tower and ground, and yes, after 2pm is better because of the sun. If you're coming up and have wheels, you can also see some hot military hardware out in Ft. Worth at the LM plant...F-16s and F-22s fly fairly high tempo ops before 10am.

Hope you like'll see a ton out at DFW!
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